Ear Plugs

We custom mould earplugs to create an accurate seal to your ears and provide longer lasting protection from excessive levels of music or noise. From high performance musicians plugs, swim plugs to basic sleep plugs we can make any plugs to suit your needs.

sleep plugs

$196 a pair

Sleep Plugs

These custom moulded plugs are used to attenuate snoring from a partner or a noisy environment while resting. Various sizes are available.


$196 a pair

Swim Plugs

We mould plugs of various colours used during swimming to prevent the onset of exostoses (bony growths) in the ear canals. Also beneficial for children with surgical grommets, mastoid cavities or perforated eardrums. Available with or without a neck cord.


$289 a pair

Musician’s earplugs

Audiophiles and musicians demand plugs that attenuate frequencies more evenly than fully occluding plugs. These filtered moulded devices are designed to maintain clarity of music. We supply all the top brands including the smaller Pro-Series.


$196 a pair

Solid earplugs

When you want maximum attenuation of sounds in extreme noise such as on work-sites. These can be used with earmuffs for further noise protection.

What Clients Are Saying...

"For many years now I have suffered from deafness. I have tried about six different hearing aids and none of them has been successful. However, in August 2013, I purchased a set of hearing aids from a company trading as WHAT at Lane Cove. These hearing aids are much better than any of the others that I have tried. They can be adjusted in an instant by simply pressing the aid in the right year for increasing the volume or pressing the aid in the left ear for decreasing the volume. A simple quick discrete touch of the aid is all that is needed adjusts the aid. I feel very confident that you will experience the joy that I have had in using these hearing aids."
Bill Cape, NS

"Having been a patient of WHAT Hearing Centre for 11 years and being fitted with 2 excellent hearing aids; my degenerative deafness caused by Malaria reached a point where I needed a Cochlear Implant. Throughout all of my experiences, Damian and his team have been outstanding in their care, advice and professionality. Now I have my first Cochlear Implant and can hear better than I have for 2 decades! It's like a new phase of life handed to me. Without Damian's thoroughness and incredible knowledge & help, I doubt I would have taken the journey to where I am today. Sincere thanks and my family thanks you too for enabling their Dad/Grandad/partner to communicate fully once again!"
Andrew McCourt, LIndfield NSW

"It has been amazing the difference these hearing aids have made. I'm hearing things clearer now that I didn't hear before. Excellent service. Friendly professional staff."
N. Cannon, NSW

"The staff. I love the two pleasant ladies at the front desk. We talk like we are family. And for you Damian to come out to our house since my husband is quite sick has been so appreciated. A very pleasant experience. Also the hearing aids fit comfortably and don't whistle like the old hearing aids. He loves hearing so much better."
Mr and Mrs Connors, NSW

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